So you may be asking yourself, if Feng Shui can do all these great things in my life, can Feng Shui help me on a job interview? As a matter of fact it can! You have to remember that Feng Shui is about understanding how energy works, and then using it to your advantage to create an optimal life. That means, when utilizing the principles of Feng Shui it can not only help you in many ways around the house, but it can also optimize a job interview!

Recently, one of our clients was going in for a very important job interview and she wanted to know if Feng Shui principles could help. I was so excited to see her expand these ancient principles beyond everyday thinking. Because that’s a sign of cultivated Chi, and cultivated Chi means powerful results.

Together we put together a Feng Shui plan of three techniques and it worked! She applied for the job and after doing these things for a week she landed the job with flying colors. After such astounding results I wanted to share here what we did!

Now remember, one of the key ingredients that made this work was her cultivated Chi. She was excited and pumped about the job and her ability to get it right. If youre about to enter into a job interview and your not sure about your Chi, be sure to check out my 13 ways to Immediately Cultivate Your Chi here.