Office Design for the Future in one Easy Plan

By Amanda Gates, AB Home Interiors

Last month we spoke about “3 Simple Design Techniques Built to Improve Your Business’ Bottom Line.” I wanted to talk a little more about this subject as I really feel that it is important that your office space reflect your future and not your reality…

You are probably thinking ‘what the heck is she talking about’, so let me explain a little further. Many of us get stuck in a funk, if you will. We work day in and day out wondering when we will get our “big break.” The other day, someone said to me. “It took me years to be an overnight success.” Now think about that just for a minute. So many times we see successful people and from the surface it looks like they got there “overnight,” but that just is never the case and we forget that it takes much longer to reach our visions for our business than simply one day. But, continually as I work with successful entrepreneurs to redesign their office spaces, I hear the same things over and over. ‘I surrounded myself with what I wanted and didn’t dwell on where I was at any exact moment.’

Well, this got me to thinking…should the same not hold true with your office space? If you worked in an office space that “screamed” success, would you not feel more like a success? If you started making decisions from where you want to be rather than where you are right now, would you not work harder to quickly make that vision a reality? Next time you enter your office I want you to ask yourself, “does this look like the office of someone that is a success?” If not, do something about it. Remember the simplest changes can have you looking at your business in a whole new light.

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