The past couple of weeks in the office have been full of New Year’s resolutions, surgery, Eliot accepting a job in New York and a quick trip to Kripalu. But 2018 will be like no other year. It’s an 11 universal year which means you’ll be called to bring all your goals together, (you know the ones that have been sitting on the shelf a little too long,) so you don’t lose the opportunity to bring them back to the surface and achieve them.

This year will be a deeply personal year at an individual level. You’ll be required to review not only your goals, but overcome inner conflicts so you can truly live your best life. Through deep self reflection you’ll be able to crack open your heart and mind to finally see clearly what you were sent here to do.

As a collective, we will continue to seek truth and require hard answers from those in power. No longer drinking the Kool-aid, many will turn against the illusions and demand transparency.

This will be a year of truth, self care and pure creation. So ask yourself, what are you here to do? And how can your talent and wisdom serve those around you? This is how you will call in the New Year to create a new you.

In order to create and get the much needed self-care that many of us crave, you must not forget about your environment. Your home and the spaces you occupy often have an affect on your health and well-being. Be sure to take care of yourself. Take time to allow your body to rest, demand better sleep, eat better and take time to clear your mind and meditate.

This months podcast is offering up some fantastic tips on how you can do just that. I not only share with you what to expect in 2018 but I share with you a recorded floor plan reading with my friend and client Jani. Like many of you, she realizes the importance of this year and the role her environment plays in its success.

What I love about these Feng Shui tips is that they are easy to do. I feel like so many Feng Shui adjustments are difficult, or make you feel like you’ve lost your mind. While I do have some favorites that are in the “I’ve lost my mind category,” these three tips will immediately have an impact on you and your environment, helping you kick off the New Year right.

And hey, don’t forget to consider a floor plan reading! If you’re not sure about it, you can submit your plan to [email protected] for a possible chance to be selected for a free mini reading which will be shared on facebook each week! Click here to hear about 2018 and 3 Feng Shui tips!




2018 – 11 Universal year

Place a mirror at the foot of your bed

Boost your personal Ch’i with color

Move 27 things



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