You have sent out the invite to let everyone know that you are having an event that can’t be missed. Then the excitement over the idea sets in and it hits you, “holy cow I don’t have very much time to put this together!” Planning the perfect party doesn’t need to be stressful. Remember it is about the festivities and the event of the day/evening. But if you are in a bind for time here are some fast tips to get you through like a pro.

1) Consider who will be there

Are your guests predominantly men or women? Women like things that are emotionally appealing like color, decoration and presentation. Men won’t give two cents for pretty tablecloths but will certainly rave over ribs, so plan your party accordingly.

2)Time of Day

Time of day is critical because it helps determine what types of decoration and food to prepare. Certain parts of the day may be seemingly easier but that is not always the case. If you are strapped for time choose a party time when folks have probably already eaten, and a theme that is easy to work around with what you already have.

3) Create a list

Now that you know who’s coming, and the time of day your event will be start making a list. Remember to use what you have! Go through the garage, your closets, the office pull out anything that could be of use to you…then create a list of needs. Once you know the who and the time all that is left are a few things to whip it all together in a snap!

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