Karma is Sanskrit word meaning “action”. Your everyday intent and approach is directly related to karma, and kindness, empathy and compassion is what matters most. Amanda explains that starting and ending your day with love is one way to bring about good karma in your life. You can also practice the art of yoga/ meditation, learning to let go what you cannot control, and the attitude of gratitude. Toxic thinking will only every bring out the bad karma in your life. It is not your time or your effort that has value, it is your karma that is most valuable. “Your gift to the world is more than what you do, its who you are and what you give, and how you serve. Approach everything you do with joy and a compassionate heart.”


Karma is a Sanskrit word meaning action.

Every action must have a reaction.

Negative actions result in suffering.

Positive actions result in happiness.

Intent and your approach is directly related to the result.

It is not your time or your effort that has value. It is your karma that is most valuable.

Below the cross emotions.

Above the cross emotions.


I honor the light within me.

This is where the universe lives.

I respect this place within me.

I trust only that which is good.

This is the place that seeks truth, finds only love, holds light and sees only peace.

When I am here we are all one.

Love and blessings.




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