On this last week of March I bring you a few more sensational ideas to keep organization exciting. Todays tips come from Domestic Adventure. I dont typically focus on one particular spot for my tips, but I really thought Erin’s nursery tips were clever, and very fun for a child.

Book sling

I have done similar things like a wall nook in adult spaces, but I think this is a great way to get kids to put there books away. It is super easy to make, and simple to use. Kids can easily get their hands in and out of the pockets, and when it gets grungy…just throw it in the wash!

Live by numbers

Shut the front door! I tell you what…I need this in my own life! Any way that I can make things simpler gets an A+ from me. This is definitely fun, and seriously doesn’t get any better when it comes in my new favorite color, yellow!!

Wall decor

I tell clients all the time, never underestimate fabric scraps and an old fashion embroidery hoop. Both are cheap, sometimes free in cost and they can be so simple for the creatively challenged to get their imaginations flowing from inspiration all around them.



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