One of the things I’m committed to this year is taking better care of myself and teaching those around me to do the same. For any of you that have been with me for at least a year or more you’ve noticed this trend. I’ve been on this enlightened self-care journey for about seven years but I haven’t fully embraced the revolution as it should be. For example, I started going to yoga, slowly embraced an organic diet and from there have added many things like all-natural toothpaste, haircare, home made cleaning products and the like.

But was this really embracing self-care as it should be? NOPE.

Seriously, I realize it’s something we all know we should do, but don’t always actually get to. After reading the life transforming book, Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell, I realized that much of my routine was based on a linear, patriarchal system. Pushing through rather than pleasuring through tasks. If you haven’t read the book buy 5 copies right now. One for yourself, and then pass them out to every woman you know – it’s that transformational and every girl woman and Crone MUST read it.

If you tend to put everyone else’s needs before your own, it can be really hard to see the forest from the trees.

As you know, I’m a big fan of sharing anything I come across that I have experienced first-hand that could help you rise up and shine.

Whats your self care number

One of my dear friends, intuitive healer and best selling author, Diana Dorell, shared a video on Facebook called “What’s Your Self Care number?” and it’s enlightening!

I didn’t know that there was actually a way to calculate a number that tells you what your core distractions are when it comes to taking care of yourself but this gal has made it happen.

It’s free and you can check it out right here. Make it a point to make this the year of self-care for you too. Rise my dear sister, rise to be the best you can possibly be. Make this the year that matters, and learn to make this your anthem!


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