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Five years into my design career it occurred to me that few people really understood what it was I did. Now I know the term ‘interior designer’ gets thrown around more than a Las Vegas call girl, thanks to shows like HGTV, and of course every furniture store in town now offers them up as a free gift with purchase. Don’t get me wrong, I can hustle harder than any member of the oldest profession on the planet, but I prefer to do it standing up; if you know what I mean. So what do you do when the hustle has no flow, and every consultation you have is more a cross examination/ interrogation to no where for both parties? Create a checklist, do your homework, get inspired and look at the options in your area.

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I also realized that the reason no one knew what an interior designer is, was the term had few perimeters and everyone on the planet was suddenly deemed an interior designer as long as they got a business card that says so. With little credentials, and no experience, anyone could head to vista print and have themselves a snazzy new business card, *and like magic*, a spiffy new title. SO, with so many grey areas, how do you hire a creative professional that meets your needs, listens to your wants, and comes in on budget?

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Interview at least three people. You don’t always need the most experienced, most expensive option, but you do need a person that fits you and your lifestyle. The designer’s you meet may have {it}, or they may not. I tell my clients all the time, I may not be the cheapest option, but I guarantee I am the BEST! How do I know this? …because my business card says so!  No, I know I am the best because I am good at my job, and I have 12 years of experience. I can anticipate everything, and expect anything. I always under promise and over deliver. But this comes with experience. Green peas fresh out of school may not be as expensive, but they will take longer, and often make costly mistakes if not guided with supervision. So how do you find the option that is right for you?

Once you have three people in mind, ask these questions:

1). How much experience do you have?
2). Is that experience in the field of interior design? (This one is important. Many times people will feel that because they are an artist, graphic designer, party planner, etc. they can whip out a room just the same)
3). What is your formal education?
4) Where do I buy my products from? You, or through local stores?
5) Do you have references?
6) Are you insured? (this is another big one. Green Peas on their own often have NO insurance)
7) Do you have trades that can help me with all areas of my project? If so, how long have you worked with them?
8) Are your trades insured?
9) Do you have a body of work I can see?
10) How do you charge for your creativity?

Finding an interior designer that {fits} is like finding a pair of incredible shoes that look smart, and feel great. Once you have decided on a designer, these are 8 common questions your designer will ask you to get started, so be prepared to answer:

1) How long do you plan on staying in your present home? (this is important because it will effect the budget)
2) What type of lifestyle do you lead? ( entertain, late nights, church or book clubs, etc)
3) Do you have children, starting a family or retired?
4) What are your storage needs?
5) What furniture do you currently own that you will be repurposing?
6) Have you considered a color scheme, or have a direction in mind?
7) Do you have a style, or know what your style is?
8) How much do you want to spend? What is your budget?

With a designer in your back pocket they can help guide you through the abyss of the unknown and help you make knowledgeable decisions, and prevent costly mistakes. They can help you build an interior concept that can be knocked out all at once, or done in phases. But what if hiring a designer isn’t for you? How can you achieve design success on your own? Here are five things the DIY’er can do to help them acheive success on their own:

1) Create a file, or binder with clippings, samples, color chips that organize the style and colors you are attracted to.
2 Draw a floor plan of the room or rooms you have in mind so that you have a list of things you need.
3) Keep questions in your book of things you need or are unsure of, and develop an inventory list with dimensions to keep in your book.
4) Based on your inventory sheet, develop a realistic budget to help you create a direction and plan.
5) Create a schedule, based on the above four things, on what you will be doing when. This helps keep you focused, and on track

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AB HOME Interiors is a lifestyle home studio. We specialize in residential and commercial interior design. We are style makers, tastemakers and everything in between. Our goal is to give you a home that is as unique and beautiful as you are. We are creative, talented, fun loving women that love beautiful, charming things, no matter what the budget. And we are here to help you achieve all your interior design goals and more. We can help you with colour, styling, arranging, overall concepts and much more!

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