I use the word “uncommon” because most of us, including myself, would prefer to drink vodka. However, as I have chartered slowly through the sustainable and eco-friendly world, I have found vodka to be an excellent, inexpensive way to do many things around the house – without hurting Mama Earth and the furry ones. I should state that no quality vodka was harmed during this post. It would be an absolut (he he) sin to abuse good quality vodka for the sole purpose of house chores. So the following recommendations would be vodka that I would refer to as jet fuel, or urethane – better known as “well vodka for happy hour” and you can use that to your hearts content.

17 uncommon uses for vodka | GatesInteriorDesign.com

1) Keeps flowers happy.

So instead of using that weird, unknown cocaine they offer from the drugstore, use 1 teaspoon of vodka with 1 teaspoon of sugar and your flowers will be happier than the drunk divorcee at Chuy’s mexican restaurant, on a Tuesday night.

2 Freshen your laundry

If you don’t have time to wash your favorite shirt before girl’s night out, put some vodka in a spritz bottle and lightly spray your garment. The vodka will remove odor without smelling like any alcohol ever touched it.

3) Polish your shades

In the summertime those ray-bans can get dunked up pretty quickly with sunscreen and facial oils. Take a cotton cloth, and a little vodka and gently whip off the gunk. The alcohol cuts right through and leaves your shades sparkly and clean.

4) All-Purpose Cleaner

Mix vodka with filtered water and one two essential oils and you have yourself an all-purpose house cleaner. You can use it on counters, glass and tile floors.

5) Home made perfume

Mix a little vodka with your favorite essential oil and you have yourself a homemade, custom scent.

6) Shine up your bling

Whether you want to shine up your jewelry or your bathroom faucets, put a generous amount of straight vodka on a rag and bam! you have shiny bling.

7) Disinfectant

Pour straight vodka into a jar or cup and place your toothbrush in it for five minutes to instantly disinfect it.

8) Kills mildew

Vodka will easily remove mildew. Whether you are cleaning your patio furniture or shower stall, spray straight vodka onto the infected area and the mildew will be killed instantly, and just wash away.

9) Bug Spray

In the summer in here the south, the bugs can take a village to get rid of – but I hate to use harsh, commercial chemicals. Spray yourself down with vodka to help prevent bug bites.

10) Athletes feet

Soak stinky feet in vodka and epsom salt. It not only soothes, but kills the bacteria.

11) Air freshener

Place vodka in a dish with essential oils or in a spritz bottle. Place or spritz around the house to freshen up any odors and make your home smell fresh and clean – without chemicals.

12) Sore throat

Many of my homeopathic, naturopaths tell me to gargle with vodka to soothe my sore throat. I find that doing three to four small shots of straight, undiluted vodka, soothes and numbs my throat and helps it heal faster.

13) Poison ivy

I have not had a chance to try this, but I am told that if you get poison ivy, spraying straight vodka onto the rash soothes it, removes the ivy oil and helps it heal faster.

14) Baking

Using vodka helps make your pie crust flaky and delicious, like this recipe.

15) Sauces

Most of us have had pasta with vodka sauce at some point in our life and I think we can agree it’s mind-blowing and good!

16) Add to shampoo

Adding an ounce of vodka to shampoo removes the toxins, gets rid of build-up and helps hair grow.

17) Removes sticky

My grandmother always used vodka to remove labels from everything. Soak that old pickle jar in a shallow bowl of vodka and the label, and the “sticky” will come right off.


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