As an interior designer I often see the same offensives in decorating happen over and over again. Why someone who specializes in say heart surgery attempts to design their home from the ground up still baffles me, but if you must conquer the quest of home decorating, hire a consultant and stick to the basics. I however, will not be attempting surgery. Instead I will leave that to the professionals in a sterile environment.

Design Plan by Amanda Gates

The number one mistake I see again and again and AGAIN (bah!!), especially in higher end homes is THE biggest offense. Selecting a backsplash that has zero relationship with your counter top.

Ugly non coordinating backsplash from houzz

Nothing takes away from a beautiful kitchen than poor, un-calculated  selections. A back splash can cost upwards of $1800. Why on gods green earth would you make such a permanent selection on your own if you don’t know what you are doing? For a few hundred bucks invest in a professionals time and seek counsel. The next ten years will thank you!

To avoid other such offensive home decor mistakes here are 12 tips that never go out of style and are always style boosters for your home.

1) High end subway tile in unorthodox shades and textures. Stay away from the travertine…boooring!

2) Black and white done tastefully. A beautiful mix between yin and yang, black and white is a classic that never goes out of style. Wallpapers, tiles, upholstery, there are so many great options

3) Classic fabrics. Updated stripes, large scaled florals and naturals that are sustainable also make a home feel cost and warm.

animal print, good lighting, flowers and tufting. classic

4) Tufting. Whether on dining chairs, sofa or headboard, tufting always classes up a joint…..but make sure it is done properly. A $300 JCpenny headboard made in China hardly counts as “artisanal” tufting. Save up and invest in the good stuff that will last.

5) Storage. Clever storage never goes out of style.And with a moving trend towards smaller homes, clever storage will be a must!

6) Red. This classic has been put on the back burner for the last few years, however it never truly goes away. We have a visceral connection to red and for most it energizes us, that’s why it is considered a sacred color in Eastern countries.

7) Outdoors. We are disconnected in many ways but bringing the outdoors in will make you peaceful, calm, and life your spirit. Even if a small space carved out, add a garden, wind chimes and some moving water. It will do wonders to your stress level.

8) Books. Decorating with books may seem like a thing of the past with technology but it was once considered a regal sign of wealth if one could read. While those days are far behind us using books in an unorthodox way is a terrific way to decorate any room in your home.

9) Lighting. Always invest in great lighting, period. It is a mood enhancer and makes the interior of your home shine, literally and figuratively.

10) Linens. Surround yourself with great linens. It is the little luxuries that make a house a home. Bathrobes, towels, napkins and sheets, surround yourself with the best.

11) Flowers. Always have flowers in your home. The grocery store often has inexpensive bundles for less than $4. Put vases throughout the house and you’ll be amazed how how decadent you feel.

Home Flower arrangement

12) Animal print. Has this ever not been around? It’s a classic, incorporate it into your home and it instantly adds chic.

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