St. Patrick’s Day was never a big day for me. Growing up my mom used to (still does) decorate for every holiday no matter how big or small. I have no idea how she had the energy to do it when at a couple different points in my childhood she held down three jobs plus made sure she was involved in both mine and my sister’s lives. Maybe I’m just lazy. I rather be like, “Oh, look it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Now pass me my morning vodka.” But I suppose we all have our festive vices.

To be honest this day seems to have morphed into a day for kids and a chance for every adult to be an alcoholic for a day. However, I don’t recommend mixing the two genres unless you want to risk Child Protective Services knocking on your door the next day while you’re busy nursing a hangover. I don’t have kids so you don’t really have to twist my arm to participate in some faux Irish shenanigans. However, to get the ball rolling I’ve put together some luck of the Irish inspired items together. There’s a little something for everyone whether you’re a mom making memories with your kids or looking for some adult fun and a night you can’t remember.

a and a st patrick's day

1. Cup o Irish – I think this cup by Urban Outfitters really says it all. No explanation needed.

2. Shamrock Mason Jars – I say you break out the gold glitter and stencils and go to town on some mason jars to take with you to the bar… or you know, put a tea light candle in it and call it pretty.

3. Lucky Charms – Put this cute little breakfast together and you’ll be mother of the year when your kids wake up!

4. Lucky Nails – I’m so in love with this manicure I’ll be rocking it beyond St. Patrick’s Day.

5. Taste the Rainbow – This is a great little treat to put together with your kids for their classmates or a fun thing to come home to after school.

6. Shamrock Shot – I can tell you this little shooter here is delicious and will get you into all kinds of shenanigans if you’re not careful!

7. Leprechaun Hat S’mores – These are no doubt adorable and I want to gobble them up right now, however, I’m not quite sure how these qualify as a s’more. But who am I to judge when I’m too busy stuffing these delights in my mouth?

8. Pot of Gold – Repurpose old flower pots as pots of gold centerpieces filled with Rolos.

9. Luck be a Lady – This green little number will keep you from being pinched all day long while looking absolutely adorable in this made in the USA dress.

10. Young Artists – Break out the rainbow finger paints, construction paper, and glitter and get to work! Or let your kids create a piece of artwork worth its weight in gold.

11. Kiss Me I’m Irish-tini – Well turn me upside down and paint me green… I’ll take two of these, please.

12. Paper Strip Shamrocks – How cute are these construction paper shamrocks? Not to mention they’re super simple to make!

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