Today I’m going to share 3 reasons why your Feng Shui is not working. I was inspired to do this post after having a conversation with several real estate agents in my office a few weeks ago. Now if you’ve taken any of my online courses or in-person workshops the tips that I’m going to share with you today are how I start every class, workshop and course I do, with these principles in mind. Sometimes I feel like a broken record but their simplicity often gets overlooked and people want to skip to the nuts and bolts and get busy because they think they don’t have the time for these simplistic things that can’t really do all that much anyways…right? Wrong! Skip these steps and this is exactly why you’re not getting the kick ass results you should be!


Mastering Feng Shui Wait List

Feng Shui Real Estate Course

  1.  Stay consistent.
  2.  Don’t mix modalities.
  3.  Cultivate your Chi.

Luck and destiny is why you came into this lifetime.  We all have different lessons to work on.

Face your confusion and garner the wisdom it contains. – Professor Lin

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