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After the economy  tanked two years ago many people had to pair down on their living expenses. Several of my clients went from two solid incomes to one, including myself. I must say the first year was tough to adjust, but now after living modestly I have found myself really asking the question: “Do I love it, do I really need it, will I use it?” This time of year is no different. Gift giving can be extremely stressful especially if you do not have the funds to accommodate every individual lavishly.

Growing up in the early years my family did not have a lot of money. But never do I remember a time of feeling that I was without love and family. My mother graciously, and lovingly wrapped gifts with love and often made homemade gifts. Funny enough, in my later years I made fun of her for doing so, and now find myself following in her homemade footprints. Here are some of my favorite homemade gifts from Better Homes and Gardens, to add charm, love and novelty to this holiday season.

1) Candied or spiced nuts.

Put in tins from a craft store and decorate with left over grosgrain ribbon. Add a recipe tag for added charm and give as a gift. Click here for a delightful candied walnut recipe

Spiced nuts. 

2) Marinated Olives

Who doesn’t love olives? Ok, Deborah my office manager hates them; but she’s just weird! These make a great appetizer and can also be used in salads, as tapenade or for vinaigrette. Buy jars from a craft stores, and wrap with fabric remnants. Click here for a delightful recipe.

Marinated olives. 

3) Breads

I receive breads every year but often get too many to eat. Yes I can freeze them, but out-of-sight out-of-mind! Here is a great way to give your favorite bread recipe, and allow your receiver to make the bread when needed. Put your favorite bread recipe ingredients into a decorative bag and include a decorative instruction tag. Heres a great recipe for beginners that is easy.

Bread mix. 

4) Cookie mix

Same concept as the bread, but combine ingredients for making cookies and give instructions on how-to bake. Super easy, and it is all about presentation! Add a decorative card with instructions and you have a great homemade gift. Click here for easy sugar cookies.

Cookie mix. 



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