Today I’ve got back on the show master healer, Marlene Cronin. Let me ask you; do you ever feel like ascension is an elusive carrot on a string? When I followed up with Marlene to have her back on the show we were originally going to talk about 2020 and the upheaval that many mystics have been talking about for a decade. She surprised me by saying she wasn’t the right gal for that conversation and that she’d rather talk about how ascension has become a carrot dangling on a string never quite within reach. At that very moment, as I read her message, I was in a state of disappointment, fatigue and burnout. Her words resonated with me beyond measure and I realized THIS was the conversation we needed to be having!

Today Marlene and I will discuss what it means to be a light worker, how to navigate all this ascension speak, how to be spiritual in a world that’s more chaotic than ever before and how to do YOU in a time when everyone is seeking IT outside of themselves. Are you ready? Let’s do this!


Podcast #49 – Sabrina Riccio

Ascension is an inward thing.  You’re not going out, you’re going in.

It’s all about service. It’s all about pulling out the love and the genuine compassion within us, for ourselves, first of all.

You have to have the contrast to have the growth.

Light language Healing

Marlene Cronin

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