In today’s episode we’re discussing 2020 Feng Shui and Astrology Predictions. I sit down with Feng Shui expert Tisha Morris and Astrology expert, Rachel Lang to discuss what to expect in 2020. Through awareness and utilizing powerful energy principles we can navigate the upcoming challenges with ease and grace and stay hopeful with several auspicious energy days that apply to everyone. For over a decade, mystics have talked about 2020. I first heard about it in 2009 when my New Mexico astrologer at the time, Tom Brady, said this new paradigm was the new normal and we would be building to the year 2020 – which is the culmination of the chaos, havoc and challenges ahead. We have reached the top of the mountain so to speak and it will be nothing short of what the mystics said it would hold. On the bright side, many new innovations will occur in this year and through upheaval comes great and powerful change! Are you ready? Let’s do this! And be sure to check out the YouTube channel too because I filmed this episode!


Jan 12:  Saturn will meet up with Pluto – putting an end to bad behavior and building something new. Patriarchal institutions will be redefined.

The Burn Out Generation

3 x that Jupiter and Pluto form conjunctions:  when they come together they offer opportunity.  April 4, June 30, Nov 12.

Decluttering – The easiest way to get comfortable with change is to let things go to adapt to a lighter energy.

Start with the easy things first to get energy moving.  Reach out for help.

Fixed signs:  Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius

Dec 2020 – Jupiter and Saturn will be in conjunction.

May – Energy will change.

May 12 – June 24:  Venus in Retrograde

Sept 9 – Nov 14:  Mars Retrograde

Lucky Days:  March 27 and Oct 19