It’s funny, for years I have talked about money here on the blog. To me, it’s an important topic, especially for women. When I was starting to go through my divorce I didn’t realize how little I really knew about money nor did I respect it. No longer would I choose to live in the dark. So I got educated, hunkered down and moved myself out of debt, while simultaneously going through a very expensive divorce. Money is a hot topic. Few want to talk about it but everyone wants to flaunt it. In 2012 I wrote about my very hard decisions I had to make revolving around money and getting out of debt, and that included many temporary sacrifices. In the coming years I would write more tips to share with my readers and all seven of my business coaches over the years would gasp; this is not your brand! You should be writing about your expertise of interior design and sharing pretty photos. Well I disagreed. In order to be a good entrepreneur, philanthropist and citizen you must talk about money – and get comfy with it. I love this topic so much I’ve included an entire chapter to it in my new book, Detoxing Clutter with Feng Shui. You can join the waitlist here: Join the waitlist here! Now that I think about it I should have dedicated that entire chapter to them, I think they just might come around! Today’s guest Mary talks about the perils that many Americans face around money, how to be smart around your money and top tips to get your money to work for you!