I talk a lot on this blog about how we need to slow down as a society and embrace more of the moments in our lives. So many of us rushing around thinking about what we need to do or worrying about what is behind us, instead of focusing on what is in front of us. How many times have you gotten in your car and drove home completely on auto pilot? I did this very thing today! Coming back from an installation all I could think about was all that needed to be accomplished by end of day. Not even realizing that I got off on the wrong offramp. Doh!

Todays post comes from my yoga instructor, Nora, who discusses this very thing:

Have you noticed all of the robots around us?  You might be one of them.

As you read the words on this screen, there are more than 60 wars going on in only 196 countries?

We live in an instant culture of 24 x7 connectivity, profoundly disconnected from truth of our common humanity.

There is something wrong about the suited forty-something too engrossed in his/her iPhone to even acknowledge the bagger at the grocery store when being asked, “paper or plastic?”

These days, friends are available as ‘requests’ and friendships often ‘confirmed,’ yet how many of them are real?

What does this illusion of companionship do for the soul?

What does it mean to have 2,000 “likes” and not “like” yourself?

Why do we spend such great deal of time isolating ourselves and disconnecting from the real world in order to maintain the perception of being connected?

In a culture that is so “time poor” why do we spend such a great deal of our time crouched over a screen or plugged into headphones, alone?

Is it really possible that having a good laugh with someone, a cry, a kiss, a strong emotion can be expressed in a three-letter acronym?

The truth is, that without real human interaction and communication, emotions – compassion, empathy, love, friendship, and companionship – are lost.

Yes, technological advancements in they way we communicate and share information over the last two decades has alleviated much of the world’s fundamental issues.  However, when our basic day-to-day encounters with one another, become lifeless, and the generalized attitude becomes  “it’s not my problem”, it’s time to stop and take note.

We have reached a critical point in civilization where it is not only necessary, but urgent, that we as human beings organize together to accomplish the large-scale, yet simple task of re-connecting with one another.

Let us stop existing and start living life in real life. We cannot get these minutes back. Go fall in love, if you aren’t already. If you have, fall in love with your partner all over again. Abandon caution and let your heart be broken. Or love family members, friends, anyone — it doesn’t have to be romantic love. Love all of humanity, one person at a time.

Not later.

Not tomorrow.

Today, immediately and wholeheartedly.

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Thanks Nora for your poignant reminder.  We need to slow down and start embracing more of those moments in our lives. Life moves so quickly shouldn’t we slow down long enough to really enjoy them? Yes you should! For more info on Fahrenheit Yoga click here

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