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One of my friends, Anjie Cho of Holistics spaces, often describes Feng Shui as the original “Green Design”. Its’ principles are one in the same when caring for, and nurturing our environment in a sustainable way. One thing that makes furniture challenging is that many consumers are seduced by price, rather than quality and sustainability. Another big trend in the last fifteen years has been a disposable mentality towards furniture. This has been an even faster growing trend since the rise of websites like pinterest where homogenous design is splashed everywhere, making it impossible for consumers to step out on their own for unique style that’s all their own.

Well, I’m excited about a new company out of Connecticut, who specializes in eco-friendly, sustainable case goods (fancy industry term for side pieces made of wood) for those who want a smaller carbon footprint, without sacrificing style. Now these aren’t disposable inexpensive pieces, but rather beautiful, eco-friendly heirloom pieces, meant to be handed down to your grandchildren. I’m excited about the possibilities, as this trend has been gone for many years. My mother used to save up for a quality piece even if that meant saving for years. And many of those pieces she bought, including a $2500 sofa that she purchased in 1987 is still in her home today. She has since reupholstered that sofa twice, but she invested for the purpose of keeping it. And when a piece can move five times, and be reupholstered twice – that’s quality construction. I also think that is why so many consumers are in love with vintage pieces. They are made well, unique, and made of quality woods that have stood the test of time – something that a Rooms To Go sofa cannot come close to accomplishing.

So feast your eyes on a beautiful new line, Chest Kind. I am not connected to them in any way and I am writing this on my own behalf to help create a movement that helps consumers shift their perception on how to purchase furniture, and why. Because when consumers pay attention with their dollars, a movement occurs. And this isn’t just buying eco-friendly furniture for the sake of being a hippie. Those days are gone. This is about getting harmful products, lacquers, chemicals, and pesticides out of our homes, so we breathe easier and start lowering illness. It’s also high time we start taking care of mama earth. That is what creating a holistic, feng shui space is all about!

Chest kind


SO what do you think? These will not only create a unique home, but create a healthy home. The benefits far exceed the cost. Are you ready for a movement? Let’s do this!


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