Now I often say on this blog that rules are made to be broken. However, let me clarify on that very topic. Rules are made to be broken within reason.

Bad design

Now mixing up chairs is always a good idea….mixing the wrong chairs, well that is a bad idea. There are so many things wrong with this design. The hostess chairs are way to big for this space. In other words scale is all wrong. The side chairs are way to small….making your guests feel inferior to those who sit at the ends. And the style, let’s just say it is good to mix them but this is way off. In my opinion, the one that counts, this room needs help. If this is your room give me a call, I can give you the 411 on how to decorate this space properly and not make your guests feel like midgets.

Good design

Instead choose a scale that is appropriate to your room, and in context with the other furniture pieces, like above. It is good to mix and match, however, not to the point of falling into wonderland….even Alice herself would feel out of place in the first dining room!

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