Wallpaper is back and trust you me, we all have a wallpaper story from the eighties that leaves us with that icky feeling in the pit of our stomach. The good news is this ain’t that kind of paper. Paper today performs differently and is super easy to change. Wallpaper is a terrific solution to an instant make over for your home and adds that wow! They perform well, are easy to clean and come in all sorts of colors and patterns. Plus, it’s typically easy to install and there is a style and price range to suit everyone.

A few tips if you are considering purchasing wallpaper for your home. Keep in mind that the pattern and run numbers are printed on the back of each roll (this is important because dye lots change). Make sure you calculate your square footage, then you will purchase paper in doubles…meaning you can’t buy one roll they are sold as “double rolls”. Always buy extras because if you have an accident say a year later, your run number is likely not available. Case in point, I just did wallpaper in a powder room for a client and a month after the install her grandson took a jar of vaseline and started smearing it on the wall because it was fun. Thankfully we had plenty of paper to replace the damage.

Do you like wallpaper or have it in your home?

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