So what’s the point of going on vacation if you can’t get on your blog and rub it in, right? So here is what I have been up to while y’all have been hard at work in the hot, hot, hot sun.

First up, Saint Louie. Serena and I hit the road at O dark thirty Friday morning, and we were Missouri bound. After a few hours of driving we came into Saint Louis. Since neither of us had ever been there we decided to stop and take a look around.

Saint Louis

Saint Louis arch and the court house.

Head sculpture

Head sculpture in the downtown memorial mall. Everyone needs a head sculpture! And the cool thing was, you can walk inside the guys head and look out the eyeballs. The kids in the area with their parents were having a blast with that!


Next up, FOOD! Yumm! Serena and I stopped at this fantastic bistro in the park and enjoyed some delicious lunch.

Serena's lunch

Serenas lunch

Serena was so excited about her lunch I barely had time to get a picture before she devoured it! Apparently hers was delicious too!

Interior of the court house

After lunch we walked the downtown courthouse. It was an eye opening experience. Here, Harriet tubman fought for her freedom against slavery. Slaves were auctioned off on the court house steps sometimes ten at a time. And it was here that Abraham Lincoln petitioned for all people, black or white the right to freedom. That ideal and conviction later won him the presidential nomination for presidency.

Serena and I

After the court house we walked to the arch. Serena and I got a picture from a stanger and I was certain he was going to run off with my phone, but his intentions were good and he really did just take our picture. Not the greatest photo of us, but the arch looks great!

At moms

This is willow, the jack russel that goes everywhere. And her life jacket, well that’s her bathing suit. And when she puts it on she knows it’s time to go boating! We headed out for breakfast yesterday on the boat. Several of the restaurants at Lake of the Ozarks are by water entrance only. Pretty cool!

Moms porch

And this morning? Well just had to throw this one in to rub it in. The question of where do I blog? This morning, I blog from moms porch, overlooking the water, listening to the birds and watching the boats go by. Vacation really doens’t get any better than this. Especially when I have all the comforts of home, and mom taking care of all my needs. That never gets old!

What are all of you doing this week??