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It’s no surprise I love to travel. Who doesn’t, right? But when it comes to traveling you always need chic accessories that take it up a notch. Not your everyday, hum drum stuff that by definition don’t make your travels special. What you need are items that really make you feel like the one percent. Items that feel luxurious and make every inch of that vacation something to remember.

When I travel I always like to buy one or two new items that really make my trip special. Now the logic behind this is for two reasons, I want to have an item that is not only ideal for this specific trip, but it’s also a memento when I return home.  My theory is to invest in good stuff. Not a cheap hat, or an inexpensive pair of glasses, but nice quality items that you will have for a long time and every time you wear it, you remember that great trip. One such item that I recently purchased was this handmade bag:

Travel accessories everyone needs for dream destinations

Can I just say I adore this bag? I bought this bag when David and I traveled to Newport Beach back in February. It was a dream vacation. For one week we dined at some of the best restaurants, shopped at unique stores and hung out with people that make life good.

I wanted something high style, chic and mixed well with everything. And literally everything I mixed it with, whether jeans and a T-shirt or a little black dress with flip flops, this bag made it super chic. This bag checked all the boxes for what I needed for this trip, and now when I wear it on a date, or even to the movies I think about our trip to the beach. A perfect memento, and worth the investment.

I also think a good book is an essential item for any destination. Something to just get lost in while hanging out at the beach.

Dream destination Chic accessories

Not all destinations are the same. So think about what you will be doing and what items could really make it special. And that also includes the question, what will make it more enjoyable as well? One such item that makes my life incredibly happy when traveling, are packing cubes. My word, what a great way to stay organized while living out of a suitcase.

Invest in the good stuff, and buy something you wouldn’t normally buy. It makes the trip more fun and you’ll be so glad you got it. I swore I’d never buy an expensive summer hat. But then last year I invested in a really nice one for a beach vacation. Now every time we go to the farmers market, a festival or even an outdoor concert I am so thankful for that good quality hat!

Have fun travel accessories you love and always must have? Tell me about below in the comments, would love to know what you can’t live without!

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