It’s the first full week of the new year, and while it’s never a bad time to reassess your game plan, now is the perfect time to get the productivity ball rolling. When it comes to getting things accomplished it’s important to have an organized plan or at the very least create and keep good habits. Let’s face it, to be productive you have to have a bag full of good habits. Everyone has an opinion on how to be more productive and everyone is different, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty of bare basics there’s five tips that all productive people know and habitually practice.

How to be more productive

1) Become an early bird.

Like it or not it’s true that the early bird gets the worm. You don’t have to like mornings but once you set up a morning routine you inevitably just start to crank stuff out while crossing off your to-do list. It’s essentially framing your whole day. When you get off to a good start your day just goes more smoothly and you’re able to get a lot more done.

2) Make time to rest.

In order to be the best you, you need to refuel your body with rest. If you’re going to wake up early you also want to feel well rested, right? Otherwise it just puts a damper on the long day ahead you’re dreading. Just like you need to be well rested it’s also important to set time aside for yourself and spending quality time with family and friends. You need to nurture yourself as well as your relationships. Maybe you need to set boundaries for yourself in order to incorporate this into your schedule. If that’s what you need to do, then make sure you do it. Your sanity will thank you.

3) Step away from social media.

You might think scrolling through your social media platform of choice is a great way to take a mental break. Which it is as long as you keep the break to only a few minutes then jump back onto the productivity bus. You don’t need me to tell you how addicting social media can be or how you can so easily be pulled in and before you know it its 3 hours later and you have nothing to show for it. Limit your time on social media, set a timer if you need too (hey, no shame in that! We all have our vices). Also, become aware of when you check social media on your phone. Are you paying attention to the people around you or to your phone? Remember what was just mentioned above? It’s important to spend quality time with the people in your life and that means being present in the moment, not on your phone.

4) Put together a plan.

Saying you’re going to be more productive is all well and good but if you’re really serious it’s time to lay down a plan. Let your Type A flag fly strong and proud! Your plan doesn’t have to be big and elaborate, it can consist of a rough idea of your plan of attack. Just as long as you put pen to paper you’re a step closer to putting the plan to action. Never underestimate the power of the written word. You are more likely to follow through when you put your plan and goals on paper. It also helps to make lists including to-do lists on paper so you are physically seeing and crossing them off as you go along.

5) Know your limits.

Setting goals and making plans is fantastic! But it’s so important to know your limits. Go big or go home, but if you try to go too big you’ll find yourself going home defeated. Keep in mind your own limitations when creating plans because when doing so you are more likely to stick to the plan. On that same note, don’t play it safe. You must always challenge yourself if even just a little bit.

How do you keep yourself productive?


This post brought to you by the fabulous Amy Wray. She is a writer, a self-proclaimed fashionista and social media junkie. She is the founding editor and publisher of the online lifestyle publication for the modern woman, Mod City Mag. You can email Amy at [email protected] or keep up with her on Twitter @AmyWray.