Has anyone noticed that being a hippie or spiritual is super trendy right now? While those of us who were hip to this lifestyle before it was cool find it awesome more people are being exposed to this way of life. It is also quite disappointing that our little secret gems are being exposed and highly tourist-y. However, there are still some tried and true towns in this little country of ours that are still holding tight to their hippie badge of honor. We love these three towns so much we visit them as often as we can so we can be intoxicated by their vibes.

Sedona, Arizona
When you ask people about Sedona, Arizona the chances of them telling you it’s a hippie town is right on the money. This place is full of hippie things to do whether it’s getting a reading, visiting one of the MANY crystal shops, or if you’re into the really spiritual things you go to experience their energy vortexes. Talk about feeling intoxicated! Those vortexes are wild!

Asheville, North Carolina
Asheville, North Carolina… yes, the south does, in fact, have a hippie hot spot. Perhaps it’s where all the old hippies went to settle and breed new generations of hippies. Or maybe that’s just the vibe it gives off… the local “Keep Asheville Weird” shirts might have something to do with it also. At any rate, if you’re looking for hippie fun, Asheville is where it’s at. They have weekly drum circles, meditation gardens, a bearded man dressed as a nun riding a large bike (hey, they do like weird), crystal shops galore. And if you’re in the mood to put your fancy pants on, Asheville is also home to the Biltmore Estate.

Arcata, California
It used to be when you thought of California hippies you thought of college towns such as Berkeley. However that is no longer the case because hippies of all generations are packing their bags and headed north to towns such as Arcata, California. What makes this town of the hippie vibe? Well, for one they’re the first city to elect a majority of their city council members from the Green Party. They also passed the Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone Act in 1989 as well as became the first of their kind to completely ban GMOs. Still not sold on their hippie flair? How about this? They are also home to hippie festivals such as Hempfest, All Species Parade, and the Mushroom Festival. Sounds like a good time town to us!