I recently started chatting up a fine fellow here in Nashville about education and what it’s worth. Interestingly enough most Americans are spoon fed that education is everything…and yet those who have degrees and hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to prove it, are not sure they would do it all over again. While they love the idea of saying they have a Masters, or like this fellow, a fancy PhD, an education doesn’t always compute to guaranteed success and or money.

For example, most recipients of a Masters degree average sixty to seventy-five thousand dollars a year. Depending on locale. Those with PhD’s can get upwards of $150K, depending on profession and locale, however, it also comes with the high price of school debt, and various loans. Not to mention various insurances, continuing education requirements, etc.

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Now fast forward to the question of whether you think education is it worth the cost. Is it? I for one believe that the first few years of college are absolutely necessary.  College taught me how to graciously step into reality. It also gave me an education of sorts because I barely paid attention in high school…who has time for all that non sense when there are cute boys, basketball games and proms to prepare for.

What I find fascinating is this concept that education, dangled like a carrot for those who crave success, is the magical answer. The reality however, is success is not measured in text book studies. Steve Jobs, Bill gates, Richard Branson, Ralph Lauren, Mark Zuckerburg and Michael Dell are just a few names that did not finish out their education in the proper societal channels. Would they not be considered the epitome of what Americans consider success?

I have spoken with so many women over the past couple of years and interestingly enough many women fail to believe they are “successful” because they don’t have enough education. Which has nothing at all to do with what they are capable of. The aforementioned are proof of that. It comes down to belief, and a dream, knowing that you have a product that people want and going out and selling it. For women this is often a worth issue. Not feeling like they are enough. In reality it has nothing to do with education, it has to do with taking risks, working your ass off, good customer service and not buying into the ideal that you have to fit a square shape in a round hole. In fact, most successful entrepreneurs today barely passed high school, could never make it through college and would be considered least likely to succeed.

So if you’re getting caught up in the fire of stinking’ thinking’, you’d best find someone to fan your flames. We all struggle with our own insecurities, especially women, but over coming our own demons is often harder than success itself. So rather than hiding behind textbooks, and a mindset that we need to be more, learn and cultivate your innate abilities and know that you are enough to be successful now.