OK so I haven’t exactly stayed on top of this whole gardening tutorial. My plan was to journal the entire process here on the blog for folks who are intimidated by the process, and maybe get them inspired to try it out themselves. However, it didn’t exactly happen as I had hoped. At any rate I am happy to announce that the AB HOME garden is flourishing! The fruits of our labor has payed off and we have been enjoying, and donating many of our goods to great enjoyment.

AB HOME Garden

Now I will admit, my goal was to throw shit in the dirt and hope for the best. For the most part my plan worked. However, cilantro has been the death of me and half of our lettuce crop died. Luckily, most of our seeds survived and it was easy as throwing shit in the dirt and getting things to grow. If you read all these books and blogs they will tell you otherwise. According to them you need special dirt, certain amounts of water and special fertilizer. And this may very well be true. But who has time for all that nonsense. I have things to do and I was hungry.

Our tomatoes are now turning red, squash is well on it’s way, the eggplant is blooming and my pride and joy has got to be my basil. Truly the easiest thing to grow from seed and one of THE most tastiest things to eat. I am now taking it home and putting it on everything!


Not to mention how yummy it makes the whole garden smell. Word on the street is this stuff repels mosquitos…..my knees, legs and arms say otherwise. So while I have not been consistent in keeping up my garden journal I am happy to answer any questions. This is something I have been wanting to do for over four years and I have never been happier than growing my own first garden and sharing it with the girls here at AB HOME. Now I am sure all that mumbo jumbo about how you should grow things makes the veggies taste better….but seriously, this stuff is fresh out of the garden which has way more taste than that out of the grocery store. YUM!

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