I spend most of my days either in the field resourcing products, or online surfing websites for product. Ask any designer, and we’ll all agree, we have our hands on a lot of stuff! We wear so many hats, and do so many things, it’s hard for any designer to not know the pulse of design. Furnishings, accessories, drapery, even tile, faucets and cabinetry. We eat, sleep and breathe residential environments.

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One thing that always drives me nuts is when homeowners don’t take the care to really set up their homes. This is your chance at a first impression, so design accordingly. Plus, this is your inner environment – the one that is suppose to support you – so put love into it.

It doesn’t take much, but be intentional. I remember when David and I were looking for our home a couple of years ago, we were shocked at how people left their homes. Many were in a state of pure chaos. One even had underwear strung up all over the bathroom. I mean, really?

Whether you’re selling your home, or having guests over, add pretty touches every where you can. Pull it together in fun ways. Add accents that really create that wow factor. Trust me, a little intention goes a long way.

I know that after looking at homes all day, for me, they started to all blur together. But the homes that stood out were the ones that had that special something. Bright pops of color, stylish layouts, cool art, and organic accents.

Not sure how to do such a thing? Well you’re in luck! I do, and I’ve included some cool pieces below that are mellow enough for an open house or cool enough to gather with friends. No matter the circumstance there’s never an excuse to have an untidy, boring home. This is your refuge folks, so take it seriously.

Here’s some great items I’ve found online to quickly zhush up your space, without a lot of money. Interested in one of the items for your own home? Just click the links below, everything is listed. Plus I’ve included a couple of extra things, bonus!  Happy shopping!

Steal the look, shop the pretty

Steal the look, shop the pretty

Pillow | Candle | Stool | Bar cart | Secrets | Sofa | Art | Blanket | Basket

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