Ahhh… spring is in the air! It’s like a breath of fresh air… literally. While you’re busy doing your spring cleaning around the house, perhaps even spring cleaning your real life relationships, you are also probably breathing new life into your closet. Maybe you’re consciously aware you’re doing it or maybe you’re oblivious but the chances are good you’re doing it in some kind of way. It’s no secret I adore accessories, I have accessories galore ranging from small subtle pieces to bold and gaudy statement pieces. I can pretty much find a way to rock any type of accessory that crosses my path. It’s a gift.

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While I do love my bling, it also tickles me pink whenever I can find a functional and practical accessory that doesn’t take a damn thing away from the stylish on-trend element. With being a busy entrepreneur a lot of times my accessories demand functionality. There’s a reason there’s an iPhone or iPad in my hand constantly if I’m away from the office, often it’s like Grand Central Station around here. Not to say this social butterfly doesn’t also use those to talk to friends or even occasionally to avoid interaction when I just can’t even (I know, I know. How rude of me). But that’s a whole other article in itself, so I digress. When it comes to being a savvy business woman or even just someone who wants to carry something cute while still managing not to lug around a handbag that could easily double as a carry-on bag, it’s just genius someone created stylish smart wallets.

Smart Spring Style

Smart wallets? What are smart wallets you ask? Well technically they themselves aren’t actually smart, as say, compared to a smart house. However, the person that first created them is considered incredibly smart in my book. Now, I’m no Captain Obvious, but I’m sure the nickname smart wallet came to be because it’s designed to carry your smart phone and most needed items in the most compact way. I don’t really care how the nickname came to be, I just care that it fits my needs while meeting my style wants! Smart wallets come in many different designs, shapes, patterns, features as well as made by many different companies, that’s why Amanda and I decided this month we would dedicate this fun blog to our favorite smart wallets.

Smart Spring Style | GatesInteriordesign.com

1. Leather iPhone wallet case by BluePetalz on Etsy.

2. iPhone stowaway phone case by Incipio.

3. Trifold leather phone wallet by AwesomeWomen on Etsy.

4. Crystal wallet case by CreativeStore101 on Etsy.

5. Poste smart phone wallet by MochiThings.

6. Smart zip wallet buy Ziyan Fashion.

7. Soft touch wallet by Quirky.

8. Zip tech wristlet by Nine West.

This post brought to you by the savvy Editor in Chief of Mod City Mag, Amy Wray.

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