Quartz Crystal with Pyrite


Quartz is one of the most versatile, multipurpose stones that holistic healers use. Quartz works with all chakras and heals on many levels. Use to amplify body energy and thought. Can be used to facilitate harmony and power. Helps in receiving information from the spiritual world and strengthening intuition. Stimulates positive thought and helps with clarity, thinking, meditation, clearing the aura, and spiritual development. Helps amplify other stones and cleanse them. Quartz with pyrite increases power into the highest level and works on all aspects of the human being. Considered a protective stone from any harmful energies and physical threat by providing a protective shelter. It is also known as the conveyor of power of the stars into the soul.

A terrific all purpose stone to have in your home for healing and decoration.


Quartz Crystal From Peru, With Pyrite If you are new to healing crystals, quartz is a terrific first choice to start your collection. 7.5″ x  5.5″ x 1.5″