Moon Incense


Kyoto Moon Incense fragrances are inspired by the phases of Earth’s celestial companion, the Moon. Luna symbolizes the dynamic and cyclic nature of life on Earth. She represents a source of creative energy; a companion providing company in the night; and a heavenly guide, signalling the labors of each season. Creativity, Tranquility and Abundance, blended from only the finest natural herbs, aromatic woods and spices is a perfect incense for meditation, yoga and to create a calming environment for the home. 



  • 1 bundle/box contains 40 sticks, 5.25″

Approx. burning time: 30 min. per stick

Creativity – Cinnamon, clove, spices

Tranquility – Sandalwood, cedar wood, spices

Abundance – Benzoin, sandalwood, cinnamon

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Creativity, Tranquility, Abundance

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