House blessings Incense


The House Blessings Feng Shui Incense supports and promotes harmonious Chi for any space in your home, studio, office, hotel, garage and more. The sampler package contains one stick of each Guidance, Health, Journey, Love, Creativity, Prosperity, and Wisdom associated with the bagua map. The goal of this incense is to intensify and focus your energies to the intention you are trying to attract. See below for details on scents, meaning and intentions.

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The House Blessings Sampler Incense supports harmonious Chi in your home, yoga studio, meditation space, office, hotel, garage, etc. 

Contains one stick of each Guidance, Health, Journey, Love, Creativity, Prosperity, and Wisdom

 Hand-blended from all natural ingredients, i.e. herbs, gums, essential oils, woods, and handrolled on bamboo sticks.

Burn time approx 55 minutes each stick

Made in India.

Guidance (mentors, helpful people):
Element – Metal. Direction – Northwest. Color – Gray
Ingredients: Camphor – clarifies, refreshes, supports concentration, awareness, good judgment; Lemon – creative energy, joy, revitalizes; Cinnamon – activates creativity, inspiration, relaxing calming; Sandalwood – guidance, mediation, protection; with other fine ingredients.
Health (family, relationships):
Element – wood. Direction – East. Color – green
Ingredients: Frankincense – clears atmosphere, energizes, harmonizes; Cedarwood – promotes longevity, improves energy, strength; Vetiver – centering grounding, balancing; Spikenard – calming, balancing, dispels feelings of fear; with other fine ingredients.
Journey (career, path in life):
Element – water. Direction – North. Color – navy blue or black
Ingredients: Cinnamon-intuition, creativity, joy; Myrrh-revitalizes, dissolves disturbing influences; Sandalwood-protection, inner peace, harmonizing, attracts love, with other fine ingredients.
Love (marital happiness, relationships):
Element – earth. Direction – Southwest. Color – pink and pastels
Ingredients: Jasmine – aphrodisiac, promotes happiness; Rose petals – Inspiring, traditional fragrance of love, Lavender – relaxing, clears the atmosphere, attracts positive chi; Patchouli – aphrodisiac, grounding, balancing with other fine ingredients.
Creativity/Luck of Kids (creative endeavors, children):
Element – metal. Direction – West. Color –gray, white, pastels
Ingredients: Rose – inspiring, attracts love and compassion, Cedarwood – instills confidence, strength, success; orange – uplifting, energizing, refreshing, patchouli – grounding, balancing, with other fine ingredients
Prosperity (wealth, abundance):
Element – wood. Direction – Southeast. Color – purple, green
Ingredients: Basil – attracts prosperity, dedicated to Lakshmi, the Indian goddess of wealth and prosperity; Cedarwood – strength, success, prosperity; sandalwood – protection, guidance, evokes a sense of well being and abundance; Vetiver – grounding – good luck, success; with other fine ingredients.
Wisdom (education, knowledge):
Element – earth. Direction – Northeast. Color – blue, brown
Ingredients: Sage-purifies, clarifies perception, inspires wisdom, ideal space-clearing agent; Clary Sage – inspiring, balancing supports psychic growth and knowledge, clairvoyance; Lavender – relaxing, balancing, revitalizing, supports good memory; Sandalwood – guidance, protection, inner strength; Frankincense – clears atmosphere, supports reflection and meditation; with other fine ingredients.

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