4 hour VIP design day package


4 total hours of you plus me time to help make your home beautiful throughout the year! Hey I get it, you have a party or an event coming up and there’s pressure to have everything amazing in your home. As you look around you realize, ack! my home isn’t pretty! If you don’t know how to pull it all together, struggle to get exactly what you want or have no clue what even goes together, then this special package is for you!



It’s your party and all of your friends and family are there. The food is devine. The smell of good food and laughter are in the air but your guests can’t stop talking about “it”. You secretly high-five yourself even though it’s written all over your face. You’re brimming with happiness. As you enter the room filled with your loved ones to announce that dinner is ready you are overcome with a feeling of love and pride.

You can’t believe this is your home. 

Here’s the real truth. Entertaining can be incredibly stressful! The idea of having people over can bring up so much unnecessary worry as you frantically prepare your home because you know everyone will peruse over every detail of your home, right?

“Oh, where did this thing come from?”

“Honey let’s talk about this lamp over here.”

“Where’s that gorgeous African elephant your father and and I gave you?“

It can be dreadful, especially if everything’s a hodgepodge because you just haven’t had the time or skill set to get it done right.

But this year you set yourself up for success and have created the dream space your guests can’t quite “oohing” and “awwing” over.

This is the exact reason I’ve create something special just for you.  A private ½ day of professional design services to spruce up your home.  Now I know you don’t have an extra $20k just laying around so this service allows you to get my expert advice and a beautiful home.

This is my gift to you, (and you won’t have to wait until the next holiday to get it!) four hours of my time at a price too good to refuse. I will come to your house and help you rejuvenate your home so that you feel pride and joy around your celebrations this year. I guarantee you, you won’t believe this is YOUR home either!

I’ll help you create a space that you will love all year long.

What’s Included

  • 4 total hours of you plus me time to help make your home beautiful throughout the year.
  • 15 min – Private call to determine the needs for your space.
  • 60 min – I will come to your house during which time I will put together preliminary ideas for your specific space, and start developing an overall plan and budget.
  • 90 min – Research various online sources and ideas to build a design board so you can see all the items and what your space is going to look like. Together we will build exactly what you envision as your dream space that make your home have a look and feel you love.
  • 60 min – Wrap up, tweaking, review of your shopping list with links to buy, and finalizing details so you can get started today becoming the envy of all your friends and family.
  • 15 min follow up phone call to help with overall set up or any questions you may have to finish your space.

*Once payment has been collected we will contact you to set up your first call and appointment.