I am a huge stickler for using the right scale when decorating a room. I go on and on about how the best thing to do when designing a room is to Go Big or Go Home. Never ever err to the smaller side of things no matter what size your room is. Whether large or small, your room that is, a large scale lamp is always the way to go. Why? Well lamps provide decoration and they also provide light. That’s kinda their main purpose right? So why on earth would you choose a lamp that is so low that the cat couldn’t read underneath it? I cannot stand little lamps and heres why:


Example number one. This room, shown above, is stunning. Great wallpaper (which makes the room I might add), great furniture that is scaled properly to the room and then theres the lamp…..Um, Houston we have a problem. Poorly scaled to this room. Too small and looks like it belongs on a buffet. Not to mention gets totally lost with such a large scaled paper behind it. Instead opt for something like this:

Large paper, large solid lamps that stand on their own and don’t get lost with the paper. lways go bigger and especially solid. Little stick lamps belong on buffets and small areas where they are proportionate to their surroundings. Your lamps should be tall and have some oomph to them. Otherwise they completely make the room feel off and it is such a simple fix. Change the lamps and you’ll change your life!

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