Before last week I’d never heard the name Roger Goodell, but I’m also not a football fan. The now infamous NFL commissioner is being faced with many challenges for overlooking a very inordinate football league, to which he is the leader of. With so many athletes getting a slap on the wrist for grisly behavior, it’s no surprise the heat will hit at the top; especially when we take a look at his numbers. Sports fans will often break down statistics that I don’t understand, but I always look at the situation from a numerological stand point that shows vibrational patterns and connections that create our blueprint.


Goodell was born on February 19 and carries a 9 life path. The number 9 in numerology is considered the number of humility, and service to others. He was also born into a 9 year, and it’s one of his life lessons to learn.

When we look further into his numbers we see he carries a karmic debt of 19/1. Karmic life lessons and karmic debts are two entirely different things. A life lesson is something we are here to learn and a karmic debt is something we owe due to an abuse we did in a previous time.  A 19/1 karmic debt challenges us to help others but we often choose not to listen. As Maya Angelou so famously said, “When you know better, you do better.” But when you carry the karmic 19/1 you know better and it’s your free will that challenges you on whether you’ll choose to do better.

The 19/1 carries with it a message about abusing power for selfish gains. Where the soul holds valuable information but chooses to be self-centered through lack of compassion. And these actions are never irresponsible but very calculated.

I should also note that behaviors that a 19/1 carry are associated with narcissism, egotism, selfishness, being intimidating and lacking strong leadership.

In February Ray Rice was arrested for assaulting his then fiancé, Janay Palmer. Something the public heard very little about and presumably neither did Goodell. Or was this valuable information kept to himself? In February, Goodell entered into a 1 personal year. Personal year numbers let us see patterns and help us understand the potential for events and situations ahead. A 1 year ushers in massive change and is the time to start fresh, and start new. This is a time when you must stand on your own two feet and be an individual in your actions. It is also a time when clear thinking is necessary.

On September 8, 2014 TMZ released a very shocking video of Ray Rice assaulting his fiancé in an elevator. September 8, 2014 unlocks the numerical code of 7-8-9, a numerical triad of spirit, eternity and unconditional love. So how on earth does such a triad of love and spirit get tangled up with assault? Let’s be reminded that when codes are activated they are gentle reminders of our lessons, goals and purpose. And as a 9 life path it is Goodell’s purpose to give back in a big way; not hide information.

Goodell is also in his fourth and final life cycle of number 4. Life cycles, also known as pinnacles, are about fine tuning our blueprint to help us learn lessons. Challenges are situations, or circumstances in our environment that are presented to help us prepare for greater opportunity, and strengthen our abilities. With a challenge of 4, Goodell’s greatest lesson is to pay attention to detail and be practical.

In addition to all of the above, Goodell is experiencing a 1 year, September is a 1 month and the video was released on a 9 day. A code that resonates with change, endings, and transitions.  Accompanied with his karmic 19 of knowing better, the question lies, will he do better?