Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Mid Century furniture. In fact I am very prone to researching furniture for a client, finding the perfect piece and then keeping it for myself. The first part of recovery is admitting it, right? Yes, a pack rat mentality but I find it difficult to abandon a relationship in such haste. I mean the time that goes into finding the perfect piece,  then the love and care it requires to pick it up, bring it to the studio and have late night conversations in the warehouse. Passing it by everyday on our way to the dumpster out back, having lovely conversations about how well it was made, it’s beautiful lines, and the uniqueness it holds. And then WHAM! I decide it’s no longer available. Let’s add it to my growing unnecessary collection of the five other’s I have. It makes perfect sense…at least to me….

My new obsession: retro appliances. This has been a growing love affair. Thank goodness for my warehouse’s sake, I won’t be collecting stoves or refrigerators any time soon, but I will admire them from afar. And lucky for me, one of my remodels for the year includes a beautiful brick colored AGA in the kitchen for which I get to design around; compliments of Mrs B!

AGA Stove, Mrs B’s kitchen

Gaw-gous! Here a few others I found, compliments of Arte Styling!

Yellow Stove

Green stove

One dirty martini for me please!

What are your thoughts about retro appliances?


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images: AB HOME, Arte styling, design-milk, Anne Tainter