This week at the house was not a very eventful one. Three pieces of the tile had to be torn up and replaced because Ritchie wasn’t happy with the way they were installed. We are waiting on the doors to come in and the vanity to be completed. Other than the tile being completed, things will be slow until the rest of the materials come in this week.

The doors:

Doors for Mrs S

Four doors in the bathroom will be replaced with the one shown above, but instead of being five panel they will be three panel. The two closet doors will be a three paneled door with frosted glass. The linen closet will be a three paneled door with mirror, and the water closet will be a solid three panel door, with no glass.With everything being so light and airy, all of the doors will be stained a walnut color to help ground the space and make it warmer.

The vanity:

Vanity color

The vanity

The original selection for the vanity was Ben Moore White Dove. But honestly, I am sick of that color. It seems to be the default color for every door, trim and cabinet color throughout Williamson county. It was an awesome color seven years ago however, after seeing it so many times I decided it was time to move on to fresher pastures. Alabaster is a wonderful white with a grey undertone. Unlike White dove it has no yellow in it, and has a wonderfully warm finish.



Once everything is installed Ritchie can complete the paint. We currently have one coat of primer and one coat of paint. But we need to get doors, plumbing and crown completed before the final coat of paint goes up.


Vanity faucet

Plumbing will be put off until the floor, doors and vanities are completed. If I had to guess, it will be installed in about two weeks.

Just for fun:

Often when homeowners get to the home stretch they get antsy. Who wouldn’t?! We are wrapping up three months of construction, trades coming and going at all hours of the day and living in a make shift bedroom, that at this point, feels normal. So it is hard to feel like progress is being made when an entire week goes by with nothing happening. Or so it seems like nothing is happening! Here is where we have come from,

Mrs S vanity before

Mrs S soon to be vanity

So we are getting there….. I have to say it looks a thousand times better than before!


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