Before I left for Atlanta, Richie and I had a meeting at my office to discuss the upcoming week of events for the bathroom. ( he has a tendency to get crazy when unsupervised) and I don’t want to come back to a pink bathroom that’s been moved to the opposite side of the house. We determined that he’d be doing a dry run of the tile for the floor,  laying the radiant floor and hooking up the floor thermostat. The biggest issue is what to do with the most noticeable corner in the bathroom:

Bathroom corner

1) To butte or miter, that is the question

If the opposite side of the bathroom lined up with the tile design, (as I drew it above) there wouldn’t be an issue. But the two points are actually 20″ apart. OY! So the question is, do we make it a butte joint, or a miter? Well my first instinct was to blurt out, MITER! But of course, it wasn’t that easy. The tile border is being cut down from 24″ pieces, into 6″x24″ strips. Laying tile doesn’t follow the philosophy of fuzzy math, that I commonly stand behind. The pieces are not long enough to create a clean miter, so in order to miter the corner we need to make an extension with a 6″x6″ piece…..UM, Huh? Mrs Burdge,…..You say….I din’t get that! See below:

Major bathroom corner

Butte joint or miter

The decision to be made? To butte joint (shown in pink) or  miter (shown in black). The strips don’t match up, so we either cut them down for the butte joint, or create a mitered corner from a 6″x6″ piece.The decision we choose will be revealed next week. Oh the suspense! Can you stand it?

2) Tile layout, pre-run

So Richie continued with his dry run lay out, to get all his cuts, and make sure there were no other hiccups. Here is a sneak peek: ( Fill in oooooo’s, and awwwwwww’s here!

Dry run

3) Radiant flooring

OK, back to the regularly scheduled program. Before the tile can be laid, Richie has to put down the radiant floors. What’s that you say? Well it’s this fancy orange stuff that is essentially a heated blanket under your tile. It makes your footsies feel warm and fuzzy in the middle of winter when it’s coldy. Pretty awesome!

Warm and fuzzies

This will be hard wired into the electrical, and Mrs S will be able to control the thermostat via a remote control panel that hangs on the wall. Purty cool!

4) Cabinet vanity

Along with tile, we made final decisions on the vanity and it will go into production next week.

Mrs S bathroom vanity

There are a few things that have been tweaked and changed from this drawing, but this gives you the general idea! And I am ready to get this built. I feel like this imaginary box of wood with pretty detail and paint has been floating around in my head for months. I am ready to SEE it!

There you have it, week 10! So what do you think so far? Think you’re ready to remodel? Not quite as fast as they make it on those home decorating shows now is it? haha, stay tuned!

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