In my twelve years of doing business I have found that clients are always baffled about the remodeling process, and it’s associated costs. First, they never believe the budgets that are necessary to do what they are wanting to do, and second, the actual process of living in a make-shift environment for weeks at a time seems easy until you are living in it. And if you are prone to watching those decorating shows….you know who they are…..they misguide and mislead the homeowner into thinking it is a seamless, effortless undertaking, that happens in a short time (like an hour) and the results are amazing. The good news is the results ARE amazing! But the 6, 8, or 10 weeks of make-shift living, unexpected delays, unexpected problems, dirt, dust, and people coming and going out of your house at unthinkable hours, is never painless.

So in an effort to educate, and help those who are about to enter this process, I will post a remodel in real time so you can fully understand what a true remodel is like and how it really unfolds! And thanks to my lovely client, whom we will deem Mrs. S, has graciously allowed me into her home to take pictures of the good, the bad and the ugly!

1) Consultation to review project, (this occurred in March), Starting budget $35,000.

Existing hers vanity

Existing his vanity

Existing tub area

Existing shower

Existing bedroom and entrance to bathroom

So this is an introduction into this project. As I mentioned above the consultation occurred in March and demo started May 9th. From here on out, every Wednesday, I will post updated photos as the process unfolds, along with the hiccups, the unexpected’s, the think-on-our-feet-for-an-immediate-solutions, and of course the running numbers.


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