I am happy to report that week two of the ranch renovation was better than week one. The drywall is up, and the floor is repaired. Nothing like a fresh, clean palette!

Ranch Renovation

This week we determined cabinet design, appliance placement, lighting plan, preliminary paint concept and floor finish.

Kitchen door

This door above is the old exterior door that went to the garage. The garage has now been converted to a laundry room that I am adding a craft and activity area to. The original plan was to eliminate the door and replace it with a builder grade generic hollow door. BORING! Luckily, I convinced Richie the contractor to salvage the door, change the door swing and repurpose it to become a focal point. Now I just have to convince the homeowner I want to paint it hot pink….I’m sure she’ll say yes! Crossing fingers and toes!

Hot pink door

Super fun, and every client that has worked with me knows…I always try to get a little pink in EVERY project.