I love decorating bedrooms but they are often the most neglected rooms in the house. Typically clients will invest the majority of their decorating dollars into their “public” spaces, leaving their bedroom naked since most don’t see it. However, that is a big mistake. You spend a third of your life in your bedroom. It is the space you wake up in and it’s the last space you see before retiring to sleep filled Zzzz’s. A space that uplifts you and is peaceful is one that inspires you and creates rest. A room filled with clutter, poor paint choices, and mismatched furniture will feel disorganized, and frumpy…so how would you like to start and end your day? Frumpy or invigorated?

This past Friday my team and I installed a master bedroom that only included a few quick changes, but created incredible results with little to no effort! But before we got started we had to first work with the rookie mistakes. The top mistakes I see in a bedroom:

1) Too much furniture

2) Too many matching pieces

3) Poor lighting

4) Poor selection in color

5) Clutter

AB HOME interiors

We only changed a few things but the results are clearly visible. My client bought a bed in a bag…poor move but a common mistake. It was all too matchy-matchy. Mix it up to create a more restful space. Never paint the walls a different color than the color scheme of fabrics in the room. Here I chose a soft cream that blended beautifully with the linens, and also muted the wood furnishings. Always add drapery. Here I added custom drapery in a beautiful Vervain floral print that has every color of the rainbow. This draws the eye up and gives a wonderful pop of color. As a custom touch I added a biased band on the draperies leading edge and had custom bed pillows made to compliment the bedding. All in all just a few quick changes that dramatically change the look and feel of this space. Now it is more restful, easy, with just the right amount of color. Tune in on Wednesday when I show the quick fixes I made for her family room.

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