Feng Shui

Feng Shui is not only an art but a mystical science. Below you will find curated items by me that I use in my own practice and recommend. All are excellent tools to enhance the feng shui in your environment for ultimate health and well-being. All of my Feng Shui tools are cleansed and energized on my personal altar and carefully handled before they are packed and shipped to you. This is to fill your home with positive energy, happiness and love. There are many ways to achieve balance and harmony in our lives, but they all start at home!

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  • Meditation Zen Premium Japanese incense Box of 5

  • Meditation Zen Premium Japanese incense

  • Japanese Zen Incense 13″ Box of 5

  • Japanese Zen Incense 13″

  • Gain Koh Japanese Incense

  • Feng Shui YU bowl

  • Green Bronze Han Dragon Statue

  • Double Happiness Jade Statue

  • Feng Shui Red Envelopes

  • Incense Cone Burner – Small

  • Marble Buddha Namaste Hand Statue

  • Incense Cone Burner – Medium