Organization 2017: How To Detox Your Home
In Just 7 Days

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I’ll provide great life hacks to help you detox the things you dont need, show you what you do need and help you understand that knowing the differnece will imporve your quality of life! 

Amanda Gates

Take A Look at the Organization Plan

Quick Start Topics

  1. Entry - where all energy enters, we'll take a closer look to help you boost career, education and travel goals.
  2. Kitchen - True wellness starts here. We'll dive into how this room represents your health and well being.
  3. Office- This is where you achieve all life goals. Together I'll show you how to care for this space that sets you up for success.
  4. Dining room - Where friends and family gather the dining room enhances the health of food you prepare and represents financial standing.
  5. Bathrooms - This represents our day-to-day routine and is also a room that tends to accumulate a lot of the stuff-stuff. We'll take a closer look at what your bathroom needs to help you clear mental and emotional blocks.
  6. Living Rooms - This is the space that harbors your family habits. We'll dive into zones and how this space represents your personality.
  7. Bedrooms - This is the space that allows you to regroup and recharge. Without it we cannot give our best selves. Together we'll work on making this the sanctuary you deserve.

Amanda Gates

“Good design enhances your lifestyle, but intentional design enhances quality of life.”

Your home not only functions as a sanctuary, but it’s a place to create intimate relationships, build memories, foster personal growth, and be your truest self.

Your home is your refuge, a place to recharge so you’re ready to go out into the world and kick ass. 

Amanda is a professionally trained Interior Designer, Feng Shui Practitioner, podcaster and award-winning blogger. She has been seamlessly marrying interior design and Feng Shui for over seventeen years to help her high end clients achieve an environment that helps awaken their soul and rejuvenate their spirit – all through the art of beautiful, intentional design.

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