In my early twenties I had few aspirations for myself. Graduate from college, (because my Mom told me to), and create a 12 step program for my addiction to Jamba juice and Baja fresh. I unexpectedly met the man of my dreams, or shall I say he met the woman of his dreams, and I entered into a state of ignorant bliss. Wandering aimlessly within my ignorant bliss, my soon to be husband in his own state of bliss, carried me through financially as I found my way. So I decided to become a doctor. It is a respected profession, disciplined (which I clearly am, ha!), grounded, and you get to wear a fancy white coat with big pockets full of important instruments, like pens and prescription pads!

It didn’t take long to figure out that the white clearly didn’t work after labor day, and the pens? Well those could be purchased half off at the local school bookstore. So I decided to go into nursing. They had way more fun, made good money and they MARRIED Doctors. All the benefits without all the work. Perfect. But I failed to realize I already had the man of my dreams, and he was far from a doctor. Ok, so their were major holes in my plan. Or rather, holes in my head; oh to be 20 again!
I graduated with a degree in Biology with a minor in fine arts. So what did I do? What every 20 something ends up doing. I worked 25 different minimum wage jobs, in a state of ignorant bliss while my soon to be husband carried me through financially. It was perfect, how could it not last?
Fate herself finally stepped in to rescue me. With her head in her hands, a tear in her eye, and thoughts of all my stupidity. I got a job working for a designer. Not just any designer. A double D designer. DESIGN DIVA, with her all that and a bag of chips att-it-TUDE. But what she didn’t know? I was 20, in a state of MAJOR ignorant bliss, and I was getting married. Shall I say more?
It only took six weeks…. Within two weeks I decided “this is what I want to do!” (this would be career choice number….) Within four weeks I ambushed her in an appointment to learn EVERYTHING. Within six weeks, I was out of a job, AGAIN! (Insert soon to be husband who is STILL carrying me financially)
Luckily, like religion is to Sundays, my good fate turned and came to me. I got motivated dare I say even ambitious, and unlike my 12 step program this was an ACTUAL goal. I went back to school, and graduated with a big Double D, only mine stands for DESIGN DEGREE. I still had my ups and downs. We moved to Vegas, where I questioned if I was “D” material but my true religion occurred when we moved to TN. I launched my own design firm. Through shear determination, sprinkle in a little blood, sweat, tears, and maybe even a little spit, though I would never admit it (after all Im a lady, God-dammit!!) I have grown and expanded each year to get to where I am today.

It took me some time, reflection, and a lot of stupidity along the way, but I found it, the path or purpose in my life. But despite all this hard work, I still find myself on the D list, gasp!.
How is it that someone like Cindy Crawford gets a furniture collection? Or Kathy Ireland builds an entire empire on the design business? She grossed 50 million dollars in the home decor business in 2007. Barbara Barry, Johnathan Adler, Kelly Wearstler, Darryl Carter I can see, but Cindy?
I don’t find myself in the leagues of those listed above. I still need some years on me to gain that kind of genius. However, when I found out yesterday that Miley Cyrus signed a deal to start her own furniture line with Rooms to Go, I found it quite paradoxical. It makes perfect sense to me that a 16 year old would know exactly how to design, implement and sell a product for a HOME in which she doesn’t even own one yet.
So this is my open letter to who ever the HELL (TARGET!) will listen.
I want a line of accessories and home decor. I still have a few holes in my head. I tend to spit when Im angry (but I’d never admit to this) and Im no longer in my 20’s. Big Bonus? Or Big Set back, hmmm not sure…. Either way, I actually know a thing or two about furniture, and accessories. I have the BIG designer Badge on my chest to prove it, and for once, it’s actually turned right side up. I have MADE a living making choices on how to design, implement and sell a product for which Im QUALIFIED to do. Interested? I don’t sing, dance, or have my pics plastered all over the Enquirer but I have graduated from High School, college even (thanks Mom!) and I actually know a thing or two about design. So, Target if your listening, I love your store, shop their all the time, and I think you should give me a shelf, maybe even two( after all Im pretty damn good at what I do) so that My life can get off the D list. Thanks,