Your master bathroom is the first place you start your day and the last place you end your day. Often times this space can be cumbersome, outdated and consumed with products that slow you down. In order for a bathroom to be functional it must be organized in a way to help you seamlessly get ready, and retire. As an added bonus it doesn’t hurt to have beautiful finishes, sleek hardware and luxurious lighting because it makes you feel good about your space. And believe it or not the color you choose for your bathroom can ultimately change the way your brain revs up and reacts to the day. True story, just ask Kristie from the decorologist. Paint plays a huge role in how we act and behave. Choose the right color and it will send you off ready for the day, choose the wrong color and you may find yourself too amped, angry or flustered. Here are some of my best tips to master your bathroom in a snap:

AB HOME Interiors

AB HOME Interiors

1) Organization

Now this may seem like a given, but seriously y’all, I go into more bathrooms that have more shit than counter space! Vitamins, lotions and potions, irons, contraptions, duct tape, cat food…you name it I’ve seen it. First and foremost, this is a terrible way to start your day. To walk into that kind of clutter every day makes you feel chaotic and disheveled. Not to mention it collects dust and makes it hard to clean. Organize it. When I remodel a bathroom I always recommend spice racks and drawers with built-ins. Think about how you get ready and organize and build accordingly. If you are living in a space that won’t allow customization visit a container store or hardware store and build something that suits your routine. IKEA has wonderful shelving systems and baskets that will make your life incredible, look into it, you’ll be amazed at what it will do to your routine.

2) Lighting

Lighting is key to any space. It creates a mood and effects your mood in the making. Good lighting completely makes or break a space. You have heard me say this over and over again. Lighting creates an ambiance that can relax us, and change the way we think. However, if done wrong it can agitate us and make us fall flat. Poor lighting is worse than incorrect color. As shown above, a room with proper lighting just feels good. How do you want to start and end your day?

3) Finishes

Finishes: essentially anything that completes your space. The stone work, cabinets, hardware, flooring, glass….anything that completes your space. Add texture, bling, soft and hard it all makes a difference in how your space looks and feels. Like the photo above, everything works and feels good. This would be a great place to start your day, am I right?

4) Color

Color. Shall I say more? Color is key to a space and how it makes you feel. Get this and your lighting correct and it’s pure magic. Design magic! Choose colors that feel serene, happy and really get you going. Traditionally, Master bathrooms in serene colors of sand, blue and green are the most popular because they are organic colors and make us feel good. Start your day right and choose colors that work best for you. Most importantly don’t choose colors on a whim or off a small paint chip. Really analyze how your color looks in your space and how it works for you. If you feel giddy in that space…you have a winner, because that is how you should start your day every day!

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