I have realized that my hectic schedule and craving desire to appear “together” has led to an epiphany; and mid life crisis. Life just needs to be easier! As Julia Roberts said in Eat, Love, Pray, ” I am not asking for life to be easy, I am just asking for it to not be so hard!” This statement resonated with me. As a designer I am trying to create a beautiful lifestyle, but why does it need to be hard?
The AB HOME Interiors new Home and lifestyle blog are expected to go live by October 1st, but to save appearances, I will tell you that reality tells me it will probably be closer to the first week of October. My goal with this new blog is nothing short of miracle. My life has always been hectic, and most likely always will be. Because I demand things to be simple,  appear effortless, but always look fabulous, my new blog will focus on all things fabulous but EASY! Life should not be difficult. There is already too much chaos in our lives. We need more bliss, and more joy and this blog will leave you feeling as if the simple things really do matter, and make life better! I want all of you to live in each moment, and to live your bliss. And it is important to me that everyone who reads this blog lives a glamourous lifestyle, in an uncomplicated elementary way. In the meantime as we get it “together” leave us your thoughts.
What brings bliss into your life?
How could your life be easier?
What could you use to be more simple?