This category really goes hand in hand with simple luxuries. As a designer I am privy to the most secret of knowledge: How people truly live. I see it first hand. Many of the homes I go into are owned by some of the most high profile, influential people of our communities and they are buried under furniture from days gone by. Caskets of MDF shelving, neglected college furniture, and bedroom suites thats seen way better days. Living with furniture so dilapidated, and riddled with a lifecycle of memories is not enriching or complimenting your life in any way.

Surrounding yourself with a beautiful environment not only improves the way you live, but elevates your mood. A true lifestyle is one that surrounds you with the things that bring pleasure, engulfs you in joy, and allows you the finest, highest quality of self. Imagine leaving your home every morning with an extra spring in your step. Living the highest quality of life, a cut above the rest is living a true lifestyle.

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