Hit lights

“The Designers Lighting Forum of New York has announced its highest advance registration numbers to LEDucation 7. Held in New York City on March 20, 2013, the event draws designers and lighting professionals for educational sessions and a product expo dedicated to the LED market.” quoted by KB+B.

This is exciting news! Lighting has always been a passion of mine since college. One of my instructors instilled the importance and correlation of good lighting with good design. As she would say “If a space is lit well, the Architecture and furnishings will sing!” And I agree with her. Unfortunately, good lighting has always been done with halogen lights. They offer the whitest of light, showing off interiors in their purest form. While they make the interior look beautiful they are harsh on our environment. And frankly,  fluorescent lighting is not the “green” answer-no one needs that in their environment, they’re ugly!  LED is the answer! They use less energy, produce little to no heat and are the closest to white light that you can achieve! Here is a great post on lighting basics!

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