Our Mission

I work with homeowners who want to create harmonious, healing environments through conscious design. My goal with everyone I work with is to create spaces that have a killer, cool vibe, while honoring Mama Earth. As a leader in the world of conscious design, I design spaces that feel as good as they look. Why is this beneficial?

  • It harnesses your personal energy
  • Customizing your space to create a vibe that feels awesome
  • Increased productivity
  • Ease and grace throughout your daily life
  • Uplifted,  and beautiful home
  • Supportive to health, wealth and over all well-being

As Karen Rauch Carter states, ” it’s about adapting spaces with it’s occupants through cosmic breath.” As a designer, I connect the mind, body and spirit of your home together.

Many of us crave for something more meaningful in our lives. Whether it’s love, money, better family ties, peace in our career – whatever “it” is, it can be fixed through conscious design, a way of decorating with intention. I’m not talking about crazy superstitions, or wacky charms. I’m talking real actions to change the energy and intentions in your home to help you achieve results. A way of creating environments that are decorated to support you, uplift you and bring more balance into your life.

My mission is to take what you already have and simply make it better. This is design on an energetic level tailored specifically to you, your needs, and your desires. My team and I want to help you create an organic, holistic space that restores you and encapsulates you into pure bliss so that you can go out into the world ready to kick serious butt.

What is decorating with intention and what does it mean for you?

Conscious design, AKA Feng Shui, is a Chinese philosophical practice of harmonizing and balancing the human existence with the surrounding environment. In layman’s terms, it’s practical advise on how to arrange your home to help you gain balance and better well-being for you and your family. That means that I come from an approach that works to make you feel the best you can in your space, by placing your items in a manner that brings about more positive energy. I want to bring the right energy into your home, so it is a place of peace and tranquility where you feel and live your best life.

Are you ready for a transformation?

Whether you choose to adopt the belief of decorating with intention or not, all homes have an energetic vibe. I myself have been in homes that felt like a warm hug and they kept me coming back for more. I’ve also been in homes that felt so thick with unease and anxiety I never returned again. All of us are surrounded by subtle energies, and just like your favorite song makes you want to sing and dance, a well decorated home that lifts that subtle energy will not only make you want to sing and dance, but you may find yourself happier and more focused than you’ve ever been before.

What do you have to lose? Are you ready to transform your life and have a home that feels like a warm hug? Contact us today and let us help you heal your space, lift your mood and attract all that you desire.



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