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What to Expect when Working with an Interior Designer

Working with an Interior designer is a very exciting process. At Gates Interior Design my team and I pride ourselves on making the design process easy and fun, so that you get the home or office space of your dreams. My personal goal is to give you the best that design has to offer and help you create a space that uplifts your mood and makes you proud of your home or office.

A Furnished Home vs. A Well-Appointed Home

There is a big difference between a furnished home and a well-appointed home that’s decorated well, and my specialty is finding that perfect combination of comfort, luxury and functionality that suits your active lifestyle. My job as a professional is to pair you up with the best fabrics, quality furniture, and accessories that meet the demands of your lifestyle. My biggest asset to you is my ability to properly select items that are the correct scale, color and have energy alignment within your home to create a polished room that looks and feels amazing. Whether you love traditional décor or contemporary flair my expertise is giving you a well-appointed home without the clutter that has a designer look.

Amanda Gates is an award-winning interior designer based in Franklin, TN. She helps clients worldwide using her virtual design and consultation services.

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