So you may be saying to yourself, I’m new to Feng Shui, now what? Even though it’s been a long time, I know how you’re feeling. Twenty years ago when I first learned about it I was fascinated by the possibility. But you have to understand, this wasn’t my original path. I had just graduated from college and was heading off to Med School in L.A. I had a very black and white way of thinking. At that stage in my life everything needed to have proven lab results, experimentation and exploration to determine the truth. But what if you couldn’t SEE the proof and only experienced it? Well my friends, that was a totally new concept to me that I was willing to jump into!

If you’re new to the idea of Feng Shui it can be really overwhelming! What exactly is Feng Shui? Why do you want to do it and how exactly does Feng Shui work? These and many other questions often come up from students.

When working with energy and the metaphysical world it can be really intimidating. Because, where do you even start?! And when you experience something weird that you can’t see or explain, how do you process that? Most of us approach it with skepticism or call it something fancy like a synchronicity. But trust me, if you conjure up energy in a positive way, it’s no accident that things will start moving in your life. Even if you’re wielding energy in a small way, you’re more powerful than you’ve ever given yourself credit for! Today I share with you what exactly this magic is, and how to dip your toe into experiencing it to glean the greatest benefits.